For over a decade, we’ve been helping local, national and global organisations create brands and campaigns that reach and stimulate new and existing audiences.

From winning sales and growing market share, product and/or service education to changing perspectives and behaviours, Adrenalin Communications can help achieve your objectives too.


Great creative needs to be relevant, audience-targeted, stimulating – and most importantly, on-brand. We always maintain this focus, however far the imagination stretches in the creative and production processes.

Using in-house and external resources as necessary, brand consistency is always at the heart of our Adrenalin philosophy.


Powerful communications are the output of a powerful strategy – paramount in a complex or competitive market.

For Enterprises & SMEs, our communications design will integrate with your strategic objectives. If you’re a Start-Up or Local Business without, or unsure of your strategy, our expert consultancy will give direction to your communications.


Our communications design relies on working with developers using the latest digital architecture tools – for example HTML 5 and CSS3 – to meet responsive and fast-changing digital expectations.

Our designers also use the latest from Adobe design software suites created to connect with both digital and print audiences, to SEO/SEM and social media.


The delivery of successful creative communications for your organisation relies on a close partnership between client & agency.

Carefully resourced according to the brief, timescale and budget, our management is geared to either work with you as your external marketing department, as part of your team or solely on a project basis.



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Adrenalin has delivered a wide range of projects and campaigns to a broad spectrum of market sectors including (but not limited to) Technology, Management, Retail and Travel & Leisure.

Understanding your business within its market place is key to producing well targeted, effective communications no matter what level of project you have in mind. We start by listening to you, what makes you tick and where you want to go, with the experience and flexibility to undertake any level of research and learning as required. 


The technology market continues to develop at a phenomenal rate, with unprecedented customer demand. Keeping up to date with this fast-changing sector is essential to designing and proposing the most relevant solutions for any technology company.

We have worked with companies operating within the following areas of the technology industry:



At the heart of great management companies are highly service-oriented people with high standards driven by strong values and culture. It is the job of any good design to communicate the personality and vision of the founders, inspire the workforce and be relevant to the end-user.

We have worked with management companies operating within the following industries:



The way consumers and businesses purchase products and services has changed beyond all recognition, with e-commerce being one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Ease of access to information is key and must be central to all communications in the retail sector.

We have worked with companies in the following retail sectors:


Travel & Leisure

With the number of people participating in travel & leisure activities increasing every year, so too has the choice of options available grown exponentially. Making a product or service stand out in this crowded sector is fundamental to connecting with and retaining customers.

We have worked with companies in the following travel & leisure sectors:


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